Provide seam, butt and overlap welding of almost all common metals and their alloys including stainless steel, platinum, gold, silver, titanium and some materials which are difficult if not impossible to weld with conventional techniques like spring steels. 

 By controlling the power, pulse duration, pulse frequency and focal diameter, the laser provides unsurpassed control of the process. 

Materials as thin as .008” can be welded; the ability to control the beam width between .008” and .080” of an inch provide precision unmatched by any other welding process. 

Although the temperature achieved at the focal point of the laser is over 2700° F the laser is pulsed so there is minimal heat buildup in the part being welded. This small amount of heat translates into no distortion, no grain structure changes and no damage to temperature sensitive components. Preheating and post cooling of work pieces is eliminated. 

 Perfect welds are achieved which are pore-free, oxidation free and with no burn off. 

With the extreme control of laser welding, the amount and location of materials deposited will produce a finished weld with the minimum amount of deposited material. Therefore post process work is also reduced to the least amount. 

 A general rule of thumb is if the joint can be seen it can be laser welded.